Catonsville Class of 1977
Email listing - from 25th reunion ( please Email for any updates, changes or corrections)

You can also find our page

I created a Yahoo Group: CatonsvilleHighClass1977. 

You can access your group using the link below or from the Yahoo! Groups "My Groups" page. 

Group name: CatonsvilleHighClass1977 

Group home page:

 Group email address:

 I created this Yahoo Group so that we can: 

- Stay in contact with classmates, old friends, share emails, photos & files,

 - Plan events class reunion events, send out class newsletter, 

- Discuss any Catonsville related sports (e.g., Golf), old teams, kids games, health, current events, and whatever. 

- Also discuss holiday events and parties.

Your friend always... Patrick

Here are the Emails we have from Catonsville High

Johanna Bishop Plaisance

Margie Bright Arndt

Walter Bullard

Paul Burke or OR Paul.A.Burke@US.ARMY.MIL

Lisa Cavicchio Heins

Sarah Campbell Pembroke

Tom Cavey

Patrick Cohill

Lisa Cavicchio Heins

Denise Dumais

Patty Elliott Scott

Michele Foit Bent

Nancy Folcarelli Daniels

Darlene Gibson Robbins

Chip Graber

Leslie Greenwalt Young

Michele Gundy Cole

Debbie Hobbs Klar

Marshall Hoerl

Deborah Holland Sewell

Jennifer Kimball Bagoyo

Julie Kloby Simermeyer

Barbara Lehman Fitzsimmons

Pat Lehr

Tracy Leiby Olson

John Lusher

Kathleen Martin Stainbrook

Kimberly McNicholas Hodgkinson

Charles & Michele Nethken

Judith Pannill Raiford

Bob Polk 

Barry Rich

Cindy Scaran Bennett

Judith Schneider

Anita Schoeler Bustos

Gerard Smith

Rosetta Smithers Taylor

Scotty (William) & Susan Tompkins

Tommy and Susie Thompson

Diane Towns Iacia

Court Treuth

Terri Warthen Stafford

Sheilah Williams

Warren Wood

Robert Wyper

Bob Zeitler