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DONATIONS for CHS Class of 1977 Alumni and Reunion

Donate to CHS Class of 1977 for the Comet Park!

Please Make checks payable to "Gerard Smith" and mail to:

Gerard Smith
124 Allen Road
Glen Burnie , Md.

Gerard is accepting all the donations for our class of 1977!

Please see: for additional details on this donation.

Here are some FAQ for this donation:

1. Which level are is CHS Class of 1977 going for ($100 or $250)? Hopefully we should be able to collect $250, but lets see the donations our class will send.

2. What will the plaque say? Donated by CHS Class of 1977

3. Will checks be made out to Gerard and then he will write one check to the Catonsville Heritage Foundation or should all checks be made out to the Heritage Foundation? Yes! Gerard will keep an accounting of all checks collected.

4. What will happen to any monies collected that go over the level we chose? We can make another donation or put the extra monies in the CHS Class of 1977 fund.

Some of the Text from an Email from Alan and Beth (Young) Reymann - CHS Class of 1982:

(Alan and Beth Reymonn) are alum .. from the class of 82 - and they are currently very involved with the Comet Booster Club - a volunteer group of parents who support the athletic teams at Catonsville High.


As a class contact - if you have any updated contact lists for your classmembers - please forward to me!!  Or if you have established an email list - they would be happy to send you some information in an electronic format that you could forward to them.  If you are currently planning a reunion - let me know and I can give you information to hand out. 

They have established a website - - which has details of what we are trying to accomplish as well as sponsors that we have already received. 

We are selling "seat dedications" in our new bleachers - and several classes have already purchased seats for their graduating class.  You can see which ones on our website  :)

They welcome any and all who would like to help - with suggestions, ideas, ways of communicating, etc. They need to raise over $500,000 to make this happen.  Obviously, this endeavor will greatly benefit the Catonsville High School athletic teams - but it will also greatly affect the Catonsville community as Comet Park is home field to many rec and parks programs such as youth football, youth lacrosse, field hockey, ultimate frisbee and many more.  The stadium is used 7 days a week from morning til night.

Please, don't hesitate to contact me with any questions - hope to hear from many of you soon -

Beth (Young) Reymann

Contact the reunion class Mike Dinkelman Treasurer , Gerard Smith or Patrick Cohill if you have any questions or want to make any other denotation or have any fund raising ideas.